Blockade of Convoy of Prime Minister of India

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Blockade of convoy of Prime Minister of India on flyover in Punjab for about 20 minutes on 5th January, 2022 is a matter of great concern to every Indian. The cavalcade of the Prime Minister remains stranded on the flyover. Really a strange incident.

This nation is governed by the Federal Constitution. We have two levels of governments. At one level there is Central Government, having jurisdiction over the whole country. At the other level there exists the State Governments. The governmental functional empowers are divided and shared between themselves in totality.

We should also not forget the other important aspect of our Federal system. Our Constitution is Unitary also in which Central Government is the Supreme. Every citizen of this country is well aware of this aspect of our Constitution.

The Special Protection Group is responsible to provide security to the Prime Minister and every State is responsible to provide total assistance to the SPG in furtherance of the duty assigned to it.

After independence this is the greatest lapse in security of the Prime Minister. The functionaries of the government at all levels are duty bound to assist the SPG in furtherance of its duties to provide security to the Prime Minster.

This incident is dangerous to our democratic institution. Such lapse is also dangerous for the integrity and dignity of the nation.

Every political party should take this incident seriously and should not make it political. This is an incident for which everyone should repent and not to highlight it in political interest. The statements issued by some important functionaries of the government and the political parties are not in good taste and have disillusioned the people of this country. In most of the statements the inner voice appears to be missing but only reflection of sycophancy, opportunism and hypocrisy. Some of the statements issued by the opposition parties are immature, irresponsible and devoid of national interest.

The Indian Prime Minster is the tallest leader of the democracies of the world. It is our duty not to allow the office of Prime Minster to be erosioned in the interest of dignity of this country. Any more publicity shall be harmful and must be stopped. For this lapse we must repent and apologize.

                                    I.D. Bali
                     Senior Advocate

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